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AMERITRON AL 1500XCE Amplificador HF



Ameritron's AL-1500 Amplifier with Eimac® 3CX1500A7

Feel the need for maximum legal HF output power? AMERITRON's AL-1500 will give it to you.

Using the Herculean 3CX1500A/8877 ceramic tube with its high power gain, the AL-1500 needs only 65 watts of drive from your exciter to deliver the goods transceivers and other exciters just loaf at 1500 watts out.

Cool, efficient operation is provided by a forced-air system with tube chimney, using a commercial grade die-cast ball bearing blower for maximum tube life. The tube is further protected by time delay starting and automatic over-current shutoff to remove drive power if the amplifier is mis-tuned.

You get full legal power output from a whisper quiet desktop linear. Measures 18 ½" x 17" x 10" inches, and covers all bands, 160-15 Meters, including WARC and MARS (80% of full output set to nearest amateur band). 10/12 Meters modifiable.

You get 1500 watts output (1/2 hour continuous carrier) and 2500 watts (30 second continuous carrier and 2500 watts- plus 30 minute PEP two-tone test). You get all this power, plus, 65% efficiency, pi-net-work tuned input, Pi/Pi-Loutput, inrush current protection, multi-voltage transformer, QSK compata bility, and a one-year warranty.

The guts of the AL-1500 is its heavy duty

power supply, with a 32 lb. Hypersil® transformer using a high silicone steel core, computer grade capacitors (33 mfd total), heavy duty bleeders and twenty 3 amp, 1000 volt power rectifiers give you a stiff 3300 volts fully loaded.

The AL-1500 is built on a rugged steel chassis with a separate RF compartment fully shielded to keep RF from leaking out, keeping RFI and TVI to a minimum.

Superb RF design and layout, Hi-Q tank circuit and commercially rated RF power components give you 65% plate efficiency over the entire operating range. Power goes into the antenna instead of into heat.

50-ohm broadband Pi-Network tuned input with slug-tuned coils is used. Even fussy solid state transmitters deliver full power!

A carefully designed Pi/Pi-Loutput network using the optimum Q for each band with vernier ball drives gives smooth tuning, wide matching range, full band coverage, and peak performance at all power levels.

The AL-1500's grid overload circuit protects the tube from excessive grid current; if 175 mA of peak gric current is reached, the “OPR” LED will no longer light and the amplifier will go into a bypass condition until reset by the operator.

Transformer provides many options

Since excessive line voltage stresses components (low line voltage causes a “soft tube” effect, for example), Ameritron's exclusive Multi-Voltage Power Transformer™ lets you optimize for different line voltages. Select from 4 different primary voltage ranges, from 205-219 VAC to 252 to 265 VAC. The amplifier comes wired from the factory for 240 VAC.

The AL-1500 has two illuminated panel meters. Grid Current meter provides continuous reading of the critical grid current and indicates proper, safe amplifier operation.

The other meter can be selected to read Plate Voltage, Plate Current, Peak RF Watts, or ALC. A SSB/CW selector switch chooses bias voltage for best linearity on SSB or lowest dissipation on CW.

The Operate/Standby switch, in Standby, maintains the tube's filament and plate voltages while allowing “barefoot” operation.

Includes 12 volt DC auxiliary jack and an “XMT” LED to provide indication of proper amplifier keying by the exciter.

Power required: 240 VAC, 15 amps.


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